Experience & Savvy…

I first worked with Tracy as my buyer’s agent. What I learned then was how marginal some agents could be. When it came time to negotiate the property that I bought, she was critical in the negotiations, helping me get the best price and assisting in every way possible in getting the property into shape after I bought. What I learned was that she is incredibly intelligent, strategic and ethical. Naturally when it was time to sell the property 13 years later, I called her.

Tracy was aggressive in marketing the property and also wise in her counsel. One of the most valuable services she provided was in what to do to the property that would help sell it and what NOT to do because it would not add value. For example, getting the back yard/deck spruced up was high value added because people look carefully at that – sweat equity and a few hundred dollars – would pay off; yet that it was fine not to put in central AC was worth thousands to us. There are many such examples.

The primary point is Tracy’s experience and savvy. She will be your partner and a great source of sound advice heads and tails above the average realtor. We only wish we had her in Virginia where we live now to help us with our next house.

— Patricia J.